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email has an ability many channels dont: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale

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Today, there are numerous online email software that lets you create email and newsletter, which you can then send to your target customers. But good email marketing is a lot more than just importing a contact list and hitting the send button. To make the most of email marketing you need experts who know the ins and outs of implementing successful email strategies, to get maximum ROI. Omnics Media offers you that expertise. Our marketing team ensures that you get higher convert rates by creating emails that are appealing and interactive, and not lost in the ocean of unwanted spam messages.



Benefits of
Email Marketing

It’s always a great deal in marketing when you can reach a larger audience within economical means. Email marketing offers you just that. It is a great way to track your return on investment and increase customer acquisition rate. Besides this, email marketing is direct and quick, thus, it gets you instant feedback from customers and helps you run your business efficiently. Additionally, through email marketing you engage a higher number of users, as it lets you specifically target customers who show interest in your brand. Not only it connects you with potential customers/consumers easily, but also allows them to share and forward your business marketing emails or newsletters. This way, your business gains credibility through an established fan base and an increased brand loyalty, consequently, increasing your sales percentage.

Why you should employ our services?

Custom design and up gradation of emails as well as newsletters by our expert design team

  • Content and creative assessment of your current emails and newsletters
  • Custom design and up gradation of emails and newsletters by our expert design team
  • Personalized email for each recipient
  • Dynamic content via embedded videos, live product data, and recent blog posts
  • Email id and account management on your behalf
  • Spam free emails that do not raise any triggers of the spam filters
  • Regular reports on customer responses

What It’s gonna cost you?

Through extensive research and clients’ inputs, Omnics Media designed customized and flexible service packages depending upon requirements, budgets and goals of businesses. Compare and find out the plan which best suits your needs. If you need assistance in deciding an appropriate plan for your business, contact us at

$ 150 /MO
  • Recomended for new ventures
  • Recomended for mid size business to large enterprises
Advanced Packages
  • Contact us for a personalized quote