Minas Brazilian Restaurant

a brilliant, authentic slice of Brazil in San Francisco.
By omnics 2 years ago
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A brilliant, authentic slice of Brazil is right here in San Francisco. The new Minas Brazilian Restaurant and Cachaçaria, located in Hayes Valley, is serving visually tempting and mouth wateringly delicious traditional fare in a beautifully appointed space that envelops diners in a stylish and comfortable ambiance straight out of the colonial towns of Minas Gerais, Brazil. “Minas” restaurant exudes the love and pride its Brazilian American family proprietors have for their heritage and the joy hospitality brings to others.
Presented in a warm upscale environment, a wide variety of cachaças are available, providing a rare opportunity to explore the breadth and width of Brazil’s unique, signature spirit.
Minas full service bar, array of appetizers, seasonal menu and weekend cultural entertainment makes it the perfect location to enjoy an international night out in the heart of the City.

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This creative website gets customers the mouth-waterting products they want with zero hassle. We’ve helped position Minas Brazilian Restaurant to take full advantage of the tremendous ease of online booking. You’ll have a hard time selecting which traditional Brazilian dish you’ll actually want. We’ve booked a few already and the Frutos do Mar Tropical is our house favorite. Delicious traditional Brazilian food combined with a compelling experience means continued growth for their business